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Meeting Notes - January 16, 2008

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday January 16, 2008
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 4:00

1) Approve Meeting Notes from December 5, 2008
Some clarifications were given to bring the members who missed the last meeting up to date. The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates
Joseph Chen introduced himself as this quarter's DASB rep.

EIS:  Sherman reported that the EIS selection team had made a decision and that the announcement would be made at the February 4, 2008 Board of Trustees meeting.  

Online Grading Project: Heffner & Moberg reported on the status of pilot online grading project. Drake Lewis had spearheaded this project, which, as far as folks recalled, was a request from Kathy Kyne's time. Sherman confirmed that it was on the ETS project list as a high priority item. There was a trial in Fall 07 of the online grading component. This quarter (Winter 08) there would be a trial of the online drop component.  The reporting was done through the Portal. Many faculty were not aware of the project. There was a discussion on options for concurrent paper reporting. The ultimate goal was to have no paper trail to A&R for regular reporting. Sherman was working with Swensson & Johnstone on giving faculty guidance on how/whether to keep paper trails.  There was a discussion on regulations of keeping grading scales, etc. There was a discussion on the roll-out date. No conclusion on if it would be mandatory and when the roll out date might be. Should Technology Task Force, the Academic Senate or other groups make a recommendation to A&R on the roll out date? Mitchell said in his opinion it was easier and more convenient, however, a significant number of faculty were not very tech savvy and may struggle. 
Hawk asked the team to think about how they might improve communications and reminded them that the Technology Task Force charge is to prioritize technology projects. Sherman and Luciw would give the Co-chairs the list of current ETS projects.  The team agreed that any projects concerning the faculty should be presented to the Academic senate as early as possible.

Email Resolution: Hawk reported that on 5/24/07 College Council approved the proposed Tech Task Force Email Resolution language as follows: "The College will provide information to all faculty and staff via district email accounts by the beginning of Fall 2008. It is a professional expectation that faculty and staff collect information via this communication channel."  She said she hoped to get a liaison from the Academic Senate to work with Technology Resources Group to put together a draft proposal for implementation, which could then go to various groups for feedback.

3)  Electronic Info Security Procedure V1
Dolen asked the team to review the document and bring their feedback to the next meeting.

4)  Create Sub-committees to Develop Initiatives in: Technology Training, Process/Policy, and Feedback
This item would be discussed at the next meeting.

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