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Meeting Notes - March 5, 2008

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday March 5, 2008
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 – 4:00

1) Approve Meeting Notes from February 6, 2008
The notes were approved.

2) Create Sub-committees to Develop Initiatives in: Technology Training, Process/Policy, and Feedback
Dolen reminded the group that the intention of creating sub-committees to develop the initiatives was to be more efficient. The sub-groups would work on the initiatives and bring the research and proposals back the the full TTF for review and approval. It was agreed to have co-chairs from TTF for each area and for the co-chairs to ask for participants from outside of TTF. Englen distributed a document named Office of Staff and Organizational Development Spring 2007 Survey Results, Technology Related Questions.

Technology Training: The goal was to produce a tech training implementation strategy. Heffner and Elvin would be the co-chairs and Englen would participate.There were a number of comments made, including:
  • specifically identify what and the level of training employees need
  • pedagogy training is different from staff needs
  • there is a wealth of feedback from the call center and ETS
  • using classified staff is challenging for both time and compensation reasons
  • it was unlikely that there would be budget for a full-time staff member
  • identify external resources to assist in training
  • podcasting is an efficient training tool for intermediate users, but not for beginners because they need assistance when they get “stuck”
  • research has shown the majority of employees prefer to learn in facilitated training sessions rather than on their own
  • CAOS facilitated courses are being offered through Business Systems
  • online learning (Catalyst) could be a useful resource
  • getting staff away from their desks is very challenging due to heavy workloads

Process/Policy: The goal was to create recommendations on policies and processes.  Luciw and Metcalf would be the co-chairs. Examples of what might be included were:  How do employees get computers, email, meeting maker accounts and how to use them. Should we recommend policies  such as all employees should get a mmk account, etc. 

Feedback:  This was specifically described as "Technology Usage Feedback". Creamer and Mitchell volunteered to be the co-chairs. Some examples of questions that might be asked were:
  • are we accomplishing the original goals?
  • are our tech policies beneficial to the end users?
  • structure questions: what the feedback is about/ who to ask / how to get feedback (survey, etc)
  • April 2008 timeframe
  • do needs & usage training surveys get mixed?

4) Quick Updates

Creamer, Dolen, Elvin, Englen, Hawk, Heffner, Leciw, Metcalf, Mitchell, Moberg, Pritchard, Sherman.

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