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Meeting Notes - April 16, 2008

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday April 15, 2008
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 4:00

1) Approve Meeting Notes from March 5, 2008
The notes were approved.

2) EIS Presentation
Hawk and Luciw shared the EIS PowerPoint that was presented at the all administrator's meeting on April 11, 2008.  They reviewed the information in detail, highlighting the main themes.

A wide cross-section of district employees would participate in the planning of the project but Measure C money does not cover back-fill staffing costs. It would be a very large and intricate project that would impact every employee in the district.

The D-260 trailer at the district would be the project team's work and training room.The group deferred a decision as to whether to have a dedicated room at De Anza for practicing the new software.

3) District Active Equipment
Luciw reported that ETS had engaged the Burton Group to do a network architectural plan to replace network equipment and the district telephone system. The maintenance contract for the current Fujitsu system would expire in 2011.  Luciw already asked a number of people at participate in interviews to ascertain what direction the district should go. She would ask the Academic Senate to recommend some faculty to participate.

4) Fujitsu Donation
Hawk reported that  Fujitsu Computer Systems had made a $1 million gift to De Anza. $500,000 as a cash gift to the Planetarium and $500,000 in technology for use across the campus. In honor of this generosity, the Planetarium would be renamed the Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College. In addition to the gift, Fujitsu will offer free training and technical support in using this new technology. The technology funding would be for personal computers only, such as laptops, tablets, and/or mini's. It was expected that purchases would be for classrooms and labs. The dollar amount would equate to approximately 250 - 300 computers. Hawk was meeting with Swensson to discuss setting up a process for allocation of the computers. Swensson has already received requests for equipment. Hawk would bring Swensson's input and the requests to TTF. She asked that TTF  draw-up an institutional process for allocation of equipment under this funding source. This proposed process would be forwarded to College Council for review and approval.

5) Quick Updates

The Instructional Designer position at Distance Learning was open.
An interactive online tour of the campus would be on the website in 2009.
A refresh/remodel/review of the De Anza web site would be commenced later in 2008.
There were still some problems with wireless security that needed to be worked out before beta testing could occur.

Dolen, Elvin, Grobman, Hawk, Heffner, Kahn, Luciw, Mitchell, Moberg, Pritchard.

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