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Meeting Notes - March 1, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday March 1, 2006
KC 112
Time : 3:00 - 4:30

1) Approval  of Notes from February 15, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates    
ETAC: W Chenoweth reported that Tom Roza introduced the draft SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Systems & Operations.

Course Management Update: The various systems are still under review by the team. Although all the systems stated they were 508 compliant, at first glance it seems that none of the systems are 508 compliant. There is a need for the academic coordinator position to be filled promptly to help with the migration of the project. The committee should have a recommendation by the next meeting.
There is student orientation for Distance Learning (DL) courses on the DL web site, but there was a discussion on the need for more comprehensive support for students.

New Positions: The proposed academic coordinator position would be funded by growth initiative dollars since it would help drive enrollment growth. The duties would include faculty training in mediated learning. Linda Elvin or Christina Espinosa-Pieb could supply clarification on exact details of the position.
The proposed instructional design position would reflect a more disciple specific approach. It has not been decided in which division the position would reside.
The proposed Technical Resources Group (TRG) position may be put on hold for a time.

3) Tech Task Force Web Site Demo        
D. Mitchell demoed this new web site He asked everyone to sign-on to the site.

4) De Anza's Technology Plan - Review Goals and Strategies    
This item was deferred due to time constraints.

5) Service Level Agreements    
Technical Services:  J. Hawk initiated a discussion by suggesting that the group look at the item from the campus' perspective and identify what services the college needs. Once the needs had been identified, a discussion should be held with ETS on how these services could be supported. In the ensuing discussion, various viewpoints were shared as well as an historical recap on the current levels of service in the various departments across campus:

* How are various labs/areas on campus supported? Historically, specific SLAs have been used for specific areas on campus. Recommended to include specific language to include specialized agreements.
* Be more proactive than reactive
* There is a need for more resources so SLAs can offer a higher level of support campus wide.
* Discussion across all divisions on campus to identify common needs
* SLAs are a vehicle for more dialogue
* Individual SLAs are not a good idea
* CAOS have 50 different courses in their labs
* All district standard equipment must be supported
* Measure E has drained ETS resources. Opportunity to readdress if Bond passes
* SLAs are not Board policy.

The task force agreed to set up a sub-group to draft a document that defines the needs of the campus, specific to the Technical Services area SLR. Marty Kahn, Cindy Castillo and Randy Bryant volunteered to set up the sub-group. They would contact the various areas of the campus i.e. Deans and IAs etc. to participate in the sub-group.

Systems and Operations:
  The group was asked to review the document and  bring back comments to the next meeting.

6) Blade Technology Follow Up    
W. Chenoweth summarized the item from the previous meeting. The recommended that this group have a discussion on whether the college should consider using this technology in the future. The bond may assist us with funding if it passes.

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