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Meeting Notes - March 15, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday March 15, 2006
KC 112
Time : 3:00 - 4:30

1) Approval  of Notes from March 1, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates    
ETAC: T. Dolen reported that the portal is live. It was recommended that the beta testers should be able to view all the portals. A three-year wireless contract with WAN/LAN solutions was approved at the March 23, 2006 Board meeting.

SLAs: that have been signed with individual departments could be reviewed once the general SLAs have been agreed upon.

Course Management System Update: L. Elvin reported that they had had two meetings since the last update. The sub-group had tried to simplify the selection process. Etudes NG was removed from consideration. She listed the five reasons for removing it from consideration. The three systems still under consideration are Moodle, Web CT & Angel. The sub-group had decided to involve more faculty in the evaluation process. The group would have a decision in two weeks.

Gmail: Next week B. Creamer, W. Pritchard, C. Espinosa-Pieb, R. Griffin. K. Kyne, C. Castillo and others will review the proposal and will make a decision on whether to move forward on this project.

3) Maintenance and Operational Dollars - Tech Positions    Handout # 2    
J. Hawk presented the handout M&O Funding Proposal, De Anza College, Finance & College Services PBT, March 13, 2006, which was the proposal from the Finance and College Services Planning and Budget Team.

She advised there is an allocation of $1.4M M&O district-wide, on-going dollars for 06-07. In future years, this money will roll into the base as general fund dollars. The money is primarily based on De Anza new building sq. ft. coming online. This money would be split between the two colleges and the district.

Although the foundation of request would be for grounds and custodial, it was important to consider expanding the use of the money. The proposed tech positions were driven by the need for more technology support on campus. These positions would support the whole campus, but the rationale for the proposal would be the new De Anza building sq. ft. coming online. The two positions would be in addition to the two Distance Learning positions currently in process.

Finance and College Services PBT, Campus Budget, Technology Resources Group and senior staff have reviewed the proposal and support it. The group briefly discussed the item and agreed to support the proposal. It would be taken to College Council for review.

4) De Anza's Technology Plan - Identify Goals and Strategies    
J. Hawk explained that she had drawn up a matrix based on the FHDA tech plan and she then posted the document on the screen. The group brainstormed each item and ideas were posted to the document. The document would be posted on the Tech Task Force web site for the team to review and bring their ideas to the next meetings.

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