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Meeting Notes - March 29, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday March 29, 2006
KC 112
Time: 3:00 - 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from March 15, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates    
ETAC: J. Hawk reported back from the ETAC meeting. The phase 1 wireless plan implementation funding was discussed. Presently the project is funded with 76 fund dollars and the discussion revolved around using dollars from the Bond fund, which would free up the 76 fund dollars.  Phase 1 includes Learning Center, Science Center, Kirsch Center, Administration classrooms Student Community Services, and Campus Center. The team discussed the suggestion and decided to remain with the present plan and use 76 funds.

Google Gmail: B. Creamer reported that the group had met to discuss the Gmail project, but still had some questions to answer before a final recommendation could be made. The main question was Does the college wish to mandate that students use email? R. Griffin would oversee the work to answer this campus-wide policy question. This item would be on a following agenda and R. Griffin would be invited to attend.

It was agreed that the momentum for driving this project toward a final decision should be maintained.

3) Course Management Systems: Final Recommendation    
M. Kahn presented a PowerPoint slideshow that gave background on the project and reflected how the recommendation had been reached. He reported that the CMS group would recommend Moodle as being the best On-line Course Management System for the college.

It was noted that support for the current software systems are being discontinued, no systems are migration free, and there is funding available for migration costs.

The goal is to have Moodle available for faculty who would like to use it for Fall quarter 2006.  An implementation schedule would be worked on once it had been approved.
The recommendation was accepted by the team and it would go through Academic Senate and then on to College Council for final approval.

The co-chairs thanked the CMS group for their hard work on this item.

4) De Anza's Technology Plan - Identify Goals and Strategies - Cont.    
J. Hawk loaded version 1 of the document and the team brainstormed each item and ideas were posted to the document. Version 2 of the document would be posted on the Tech Task Force web site for the team to review and bring their ideas to the next meetings.

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