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Meeting Notes - June 21, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday June 21, 2006
KC 112
Time: 3:00 - 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from May 17, 2006    Handout # 1
Minutes approved.

2) Quick Updates    
TTF Governance Status: Wayne presented a flow chart showing campus technology group and ETS. Some connections exist, but many need to be clarified. Still not clear where we fit in the De Anza College decision-making model. Senior staff wants to know where we think we should be.  There was general agreement that we should be advising  Planning & Budget Teams but no agreement whether it was necessary to be a formal governance group.

o If we were, what would the composition of the group be?
o Group should be setting goals and providing a vision for the whole campus, not just approving or rejecting individual decisions regarding technology.
o Group needs to be dynamic and possibly fluid. How does that fit into the governance model?
o What gives our Technology Plan any authority?

Addition to agenda: 2A Update on Moodle Project Plan: Correction on p 4: total is $47,300. Subject matter experts referred to on p 7 are experts in CMS, not academic subjects. Name for system is CATALYST. This plan is just a plan for implementation of the technology. Request by W. Chenoweth for a plan of what comes next. Discussion will continue at next meeting.

3) Technology Task Force Organizational Sub-Group    
E. Breault is working on details of what is really going on. He shared an organization chart and Lab Support List, both as drafts.

4)  Review of Recommendation Process for Technology Task Force    
Discussion on Technology Task Force's  role in the process of determining technology expenditures for Measure C. One concern is that more attention needs to be devoted to the impact of new equipment on existing resources. District hardware and software standards were very useful. Willie mentioned there should be a checklist for deans to use when considering new technology.  He also shared a chart showing the growth of servers, network ports, pc's and telephones during the time from 1997-98 to 2007-2008. One suggestion is that we incorporate what we have learned from the recent process into the Technology Plan.

5) DA Technology Plan    
Discussion of the technology plan was moved to the top of the agenda for the next meeting.

Notes taken by J. Mowrey

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