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Meeting Notes - July 19, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday July 19, 2006
SCS Conf Room
Time: 3:00 - 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from June 21, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates    
Technology Task Force Organizational Sub-Group: Ed Breault, Marty Kahn & Don Nickel were working on ways to describe the function of the group in detail. John Swensson volunteered to represent the administrators, and a classified administrative assistant volunteer and student representative would also be added. It was pointed out  that some employees do not feel the Technology Task Force has the recognition/visibility campus wide that other groups have and it was requested that communications be improved. A link to the Technology Task Force website would be posted on the President's quick news email update, but it was also noted that some of the responsibility lays with the members to share information with their constituent groups.

Measure C first draw: J. Hawk shared a spreadsheet with information that went to the Board on July 10, 2006. She reviewed the document in detail. The next steps would be to meet with purchasing and ETS.

The replacement of HR / FR / SI systems is being investigated by a team including K. Kyne, W. Pritchard, J. Enright, K. Chief-Elk, M. Brandy, H. Quinonez and M. Kanter. There are three companies products and one open source product under review. Dissero Partners will assist with the project. Feedback from other users who have installed the various systems has been less than positive. $8.9M has been set aside from the Measure C funds. Other users had spent from $7-$20M for implementation. A large expense is in the customization of the systems.

The Vice Chancellor Technology search committee is proceeding on schedule. There will be open forums followed by second interviews. The Information Systems and Operations director position is currently advertised.

J. Swensson reported the college has received a donation of 400 iPod shuffles. A few faculty already use pod casts. John asked that individuals contact him for more information. He is visiting the Defense Language Institute to see how they use the technology. The committee thanked J. Swensson for his work on this project.

iTunes: The iTunes U site would be available on campus in the fall and would be free.

Google: B. Creamer showed a video clip on the Google mini search center engine based on the De Anza College web site. The clip would be posted on a Google web site, which would apparently receive a million 'hits'.

3. Moodle Project Plan    
The plan came to Technology Task Force at the last meeting for review and any additional comments were requested before moving the plan forward.

Various requests were discussed and some changes were made. The areas discussed included:
o Training (on and off campus)
o Migration,
o New courses
o Timeline of implementation
o Staffing limitations drive the schedule
o Two new positions created in Distance Learning which would help
o WSCH generation growth dollars drove the funding for the project
o Online courses have the highest attrition
o Faculty who have never used online classes
o Strategy for converting existing online courses
o Wide spread use across campus
o Assumption that adding online courses would increase WSCH
o Do we need more resources to implement the plan?
o Strategic planning process would support this project. This maybe an opportunity for additional funding
o Recommendation to separate the document into two documents i.e. implementation & use guide
o Executive summary

L. Elvin would work on this document for the next meeting.
4. DA Technology Plan    
This item was tabled for the next meeting.

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