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Meeting Notes - August 02, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday August 02, 2006
Gilbane Trailer
Time: 3:00 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from July 19, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates    
Technology Task Force Communications:
1)    Set-up subscription via RSS feed process on portal. ID card for faculty/staff. Follow-up re opportunities to get cards.
2)    Portal update
3)    CTO update: remaining forum Thursday, Aug 3 10:00 Dr. Valbuena from S. Nevada Community Colleges.
4)    Strategic Planning: Remember technology strategies as you participate in the cascading process.

3. Catalyst (Moodle) Deployment and Implementation Documents Progress    
1) How are we approaching Phase II catalyst plan development? Action: Marty, Linda, Deans to begin discussion regarding Phase I.

4. DA Technology Plan Discussion    
UC Berkeley plan distributed for review.

Notes taken by J. Hawk

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