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Meeting Notes - October 18, 2006

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday October 18, 2006
LCW 26
Time: 3:00 – 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from October 4, 2006    Handout # 1
The notes were approved as amended.

2) Quick Updates    
Name and Designation of Technology Task Force: As there was still concern over this issue, J. Hawk recommended that the item be taken to College Council for review.  

Catalyst: L. Elvin gave a brief update on Catalyst. Migration from WebCT to Catalyst would take place by the end of October 2006. They are still working with faculty on the Etudes migration. Training sessions are being finalized with details being sent out soon.

iTunes: M. Kahn reported that Apple had contacted the College to do a promotional article and that some employees had participated. “Music sharing” should be turned off within iTunes unless faculty have a legitimate instructional reason. Some but not all of the iPod shuffles have been distributed.

J. Mowery reported that students expect all computers to have every tool and all software installed, however, many computers are old and cannot accommodate newer tools i.e. USB drives, iTunes.

EduCause: Student Use of Technology: W. Pritchard distributed his summary of the report and briefly reviewed the document. The document and link to the full report would be posted on the TTF website.

3) Catalyst Features Committee    
W. Chenoweth voiced a concern that the Catalyst template had been standardized without consultation with faculty. It was explained that due to technical, time, and administrative limitations a basic shell had been set up, but that amendments could be made. D. Mitchell reminded the group that faculty members’ authority over the presentation and design of a course had to be maintained in online courses just as it was in the classroom. In the discussion, the following points were made:
o    Some level of customization for faculty sites is necessary
o    Academic freedom should be maintained
o    Technical and time limitations could constrain the features/look
o    Request faculty advise their needs/wishes and work to accommodate them
o    Collaboration and broad participation is key
o    Academic freedom issues are a fundamental element of the Academic Senate

Technology Task Force agreed that a Catalyst Committee would be set up. Technology Task Force strongly recommended a broad-based representation and suggested inclusion of representatives from each division. This item would go to the Academic Senate’s next meeting.  The consensus was to hold the meetings monthly on a Thursday at 3:00, with other meetings held as necessary. At this time, L. Elvin would be the contact person for the committee.

4) De Anza College Technology Plan    
J. Hawk reminded the group that it was important that the technology plan be completed. The team worked on reviewing the plan. The updates were posted on the TTF web site.

Present: E. Breault, C. Bruins, W. Chenoweth. M. Cheung, L. Elvin, C. Espinosa-Pieb, J. Hawk, M. Kahn, D. Mitchell, J. Mowrey, D. Nickel, C. Owiesny, W. Pritchard, K Von Ahnen.

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