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Meeting Notes -January 17, 2007

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday January 17, 2007
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from December 06, 2006    
The notes were approved.

2) Student Services Demos (BlueJay & Schedulaid)    
R. Griffin and K. Kyne reviewed the background of the agenda item explaining that Student Services had been researching computer software applications that were designed to be a technological tool for educational planning and the early alert program/ intervention program. A part of the requirements of the design was to have a tool available, which was built-in to the operations of the counseling staff/faculty and also be a useful tool to general faculty, administrators, and students. The application would have to be designed as a technology based tool to perform the required data capture and reporting automatically. Up until now, Student Services had been researching the concept outside of ETS. The proposal was that Student Services pass over the research process to Technology Task Force for technical review and to decide if/how pursue the concept. This was the reason the vendors where presenting their demos to the Technology Task Force.

K. Kyne and R. Griffin introduced the two vendors, BlueJay and Schedulaid (Graduates Crossing), who gave demonstrations of their applications.

Shedulaid presented an online demonstration on their Academic Advising tool.
BlueJay presented an online demonstration on their Degree Designer program.

3) De Anza Technology Plan Final Draft V9    
The item was deferred due to time restrains and the apology of absence from W. Chenoweth.

4) Quick Updates    

ETAC Update: F. Sherman reported:
  • New technology coming:  He presented an overview of the district's six-year plan to introduce a modern technology system, to be called the Educational Information System (EIS) to the Board on January 16, 2007.  The new system will have greater capacity and flexibility for managing student, financial and human resources information. It should provide more timely information to students and better data to the colleges and district, and enhance teaching and learning. A web-based information-gathering effort will begin in early February so all constituencies have a chance to say what they need from a new system. Kathy Kyne, retired dean of admissions and records at De Anza, is overseeing the project's first phase, which will run through the end of the year, and Chien Shih, newly hired as the district's director of information systems, has overall responsibility for the project. Sherman said it would take at least four years to "go live'' with a new system.  His presentation is at
  • GoPrint (Student Body Card) was the next problem area ETAC would tackle with the vendor/s.
  • The alpha testing of the wireless project in the De Anza Library should be installed at the end of January 2007. The demo would follow in early February. It remained unclear if it had to be CALEA (Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act) compliant. Libraries are supposedly exempt in any case, but the district was pursuing an exemption nevertheless.

Present: C. Bruins, C. Castillo, B. Creamer, T. Dolen, L. Elvin, C. Espinosa-Pieb, J. Hawk, S. Heffner, L. Jeanpierre, M. Kahn, K. Metcalf, D. Mitchell, J. Mowrey, D. Nickel, C. Owiesny, F. Sherman

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