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Meeting Notes - February 7, 2007

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday February 07, 2007
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 – 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from January 17, 2007
The notes were approved.

2) Quick Updates
  • The Educational Information System (EIS) steering committee’s January 2007 presentation to the Board was posted on the Technology Task Force web site.
  • Catalyst Advisory Cmte: Brian Murphy sent out a Campus Memo on Jan 24, 2007 which included the following paragraph: Catalyst Faculty Advisory Committee Catalyst is the learning management system (LMS) recently adopted by De Anza. If you have an interest in using Catalyst for course content, this is your opportunity to help guide the direction that the LMS will take by participating in the new Catalyst Advisory Committee. The committee will meet for the first time on Feb. 22 from 3-4:30 p.m. and then every second and fourth Thursday. Once the initial groundwork has been laid, the committee will meet monthly. E-mail Linda Elvin at if you would like to participate.
L. Elvin reported that the committee comprises of M. Kahn, K. Metcalf, M. Parke, W. Chenoweth, D. Alves de Lima, L. Elvin, S. Heffner, W. Pritchard (chair) and C. Owiesny.

  • Web Content Management System: M. Kahn reported that they had formed the sub-group and they were discussing the schedule and tasks. The group comprises of Carleen Bruins, Mi Chang, Tracy Chung, Lee Collings (Foothill), Bradley Creamer, Lily Greene, Norma Johnstone, Drake Lewis (Central Services), Kevin Metcalf, Dan Mitchell, Bonnett Saussol, Angelica Strongone, Renato Tuazon, Willie Pritchard and Wayne Chenoweth. There was a scheduling challenge as J. Hawk would like to have a decision announced by June 2007, but there was concern that this short timeline may not allow for sufficient testing and that the selection of a quality product may be compromised. M. Kahn also reported he had found out this morning that the district was looking into a WCMS and he was unsure how it would/if it would effect the De Anza process. He also pointed out that if there was to be a district-wide WCMS the district must select a server operating system first as each campus presently uses different servers and not all WCMS systems work on all servers. He stated that more dialogue was needed with the district on this issue and he would contact F. Sherman for further discussions and information.
  • Student Services Technology Initiatives. There would be a meeting tomorrow with R. Griffin, J. Hawk, K. Moberg, H. Irvin and W. Chenoweth to discuss the next steps.
  • Identity Management was a single sign-on authentication system for both employees and students. It would be a central depository of information linking both campuses and the district. The current system has many ‘legacy stovepipes’ of information with staff maintaining parallel/ duplicate information systems. The new system would be almost real time. It would allow students to use the portal. It is based on a Sun Microsystems package. The vendor is IDFocus Identity Management Solutions ( and the District representatives are: S. Aced, K. Moberg, S. Gatling, J. Hawk, F. Sherman, B. Barr, S. Luciw, L. Hocevar, J Lampo, T. Roza, J. Rueda, J. Vandercook, K. Pettit, C. Shih
Project Milestones:
Phase I commenced with a ‘kick-off’ meeting on January 25, 2007. The presentation reviewed at this meeting is posted on the Technology Task Force web site.
Milestone 1 - Design Process Review - Feb 28
Milestone 2 - System install complete - April 16
Milestone 3 - District data populate to Directory - May 21
Milestone 4 – System Migrate to Production status - June 15
Milestone 5 – Project Completion - June 30.

Main concepts:
  1. For supportability we will use SUN OOTB functionality
  2. Real time authorization and authentication will be handled by the portal. SUN IDM will provision accounts into the portal directory, allowing it to authenticate & authorize users
  3. PW policy will leverage SUN IDM build in capabilities
  4. Approval workflows are not included in this phase
  5. FHDA & IDFocus will coordinate the HR feed input based on SUN IDM built-in input options
  6. User related administrative tasks will be conducted via SUN IDM preventing potential “Back doors”:
  7. Accounts creation, termination, and modification will happen via the SUN IDM system and not directly on the target systems
Entity types:

CALEA (Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act) compliance/exemption is still being researched.

  • 2007 Educational Technical Awards: L. Elvin would forward an email for inclusion in the next campus memo regarding the 2007 educational technical awards from Californian Community College system.
  • Open Educational Resources: M. Spatafore congratulated L. Elvin on her Board presentation on Open Educational Resources.

3) De Anza Technology Plan Final Draft V9
W. Chenoweth asked the team to review and approve the plan for campus wide review. M. Spatafore would wordsmith the document and it would be posted on the Technology Task Force web site for the Technology Task Force group to make a final review.

4) De Anza Technology Task Force Draft Charge
This item was deferred due to lack of time.

Present: C. Bruins, C. Castillo, W. Chenoweth. B. Creamer, T. Dolen, L. Elvin, S. Heffner, M. Kahn, S. Luciw, K. Metcalf, D. Mitchell, J. Mowrey, O. Patlan, J. Swensson.

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