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Meeting Notes - April 18, 2007

Technology Task Force Notes
Wednesday April 18, 2007
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 – 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from March 21, 2007    
The notes were approved.

2) District Email Use    
W. Chenoweth displayed the document on the overhead and made changes as per the groups input.

Some of the major points discussed were:
o    Spam
o    Training
o    Access
o    Burdon of checking extra email accounts - too much trouble/don’t want to
o    Campus communications
o    Student communications
o    Campus would only send messages to district email accounts
o    Enforcement
o    Consequences – faculty negatively impacted i.e. loss of assignments
o    Consequences – students negatively impacted can’t contact instructors
o    De Anza Tech Plan requires use of district email
o    Language of “expectation” is acceptable but should avoid ‘requirement’. If it is more than expectation it would need more review by FA
o    Penalties and/or punishments
o    Contract would not be changed i.e. phones/mailroom/parking passes are not in contract

After discussion, the proposal on the table was to set some date, maybe the beginning of fall 2008, to come up with a standard of doing business using email. Information would be sent to a district email e.g. pay stubs. It would be an institutional choice to support such an initiative. Issues such as delay to issuing part time faculty email accounts must be resolved.

After review, the team unanimously agreed to support the following proposal:
The College would provide information to all faculty and staff via district email accounts by the beginning of fall 2008. It is a professional expectation that faculty and staff collect information via this communication channel.

DASB elections will be voting online using a new system created by B. Creamer.

3) De Anza Technology Task Force Charge Review and Approval    
W. Chenoweth opened the discussion by reminding the group that M. Spatafore had volunteered to copyedit the document. The amended document was displayed on the overhead and the team reviewed and accepted the changes.

The changes were approved. The document would be forwarded to College Council for review and approval.

4) ETS Update    
F. Sherman sent his apologies. J. Hawk gave an overview of the status of the projects listed in the document.

5) E-Portfolio     
This item was deferred due to time restraints.

6) Quick Updates     
This item was deferred due to time restraints

Present: C. Bruins, W. Chenoweth. B. Creamer, T. Dolen, L. Elvin, J. Hawk, M. Kahn, K. Metcalf, D. Mitchell, C. Owiesny, W. Pritchard.

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