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Meeting Notes - June 6, 2007

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday June 6, 2007
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 – 4:30

1) Approval of Notes from May 2, 2007    
The notes were approved.

2) Open Educational Resources    
W. Chenoweth reported that AB577 supports the open education resources bill moving through the legislature. He loaded the blog site for Hal Plotkin and Judy Mowrey’s public domain site on the computer.

3) Feedback of Tech Plan from College Council & Deans
L. Jeanpierre highlighted the main comments from the deans meeting. There was a question on the roles of the deans regarding the document. No roles had been identified for any groups on campus in the document thus far. Another concern regarded the process. The goal is to create a process where others participate. The process has not been identified as yet.

J. Hawk reminded the group that Technology Taskforce was a sub group of College Council. Any proposals made by Technology Taskforce would go to College Council for review and approval. College Council had delegated the development of the College Technology Plan to Technology Taskforce. She also reminded the group that the De Anza College Technology Plan is a College Plan not just a Technology Taskforce plan.

4) Feedback from College Council on Vision Statement
It was reported that the instructional areas were concerned that their decisions maybe overridden by the Technology Taskforce.  One of Technology Taskforce’s goals would be to provide direction to ETS. Technology Taskforce would look at prioritizing initiatives from a campus wide perspective.

There was a discussion around the actual decision making process and which groups make decisions at which levels.  Wording would be added to clarify the status of Technology Taskforce as a sub group of College Council and not a decision making group.

5) Review Measure C Technical Purchase Order Status    
J. Hawk reminded the group that until the Measure C litigation was resolved, the district would not have access the funds. The district had made available bridge funding of $10M in 06-07 and $10M in 07-08. This bridge money is funded from the general fund and is at risk of not being replenished with Measure C funds if the district looses the court cases. The district won the initial case in the local court. The applet court would hear an appeal in September /October 2007. It’s possible that the appeal could go to the State Supreme Court and then potentially the Supreme Court.

The original Measure C dollar allocations had been reduced by a relative amount to compensate for the unavailability of funding. J. Ceballos explained how the prioritization process was achieved. There were two constraints 1) dollars 2) ETS capacity.

8 labs would be deployed over the summer. ETS and lab techs would perform the installations over the summer.

The district is still in negotiations with Apple and Dell to do imaging. The factory imagining of lab machines are more problematic.

As well as Measure C funds, the college also had other funding sources (VETEA), which was used to purchase technical equipment. CISCO had offered equipment for an advanced CISCO development lab.

J. Ceballos passed out the priority list for the computer labs.

J. Ceballos showed the proposed priority list for the campus overall deployment and asked for the team to review, make changes and approve.

The group approved the documents.

J. Hawk thanked J. Ceballos, D. Jones-Dulin and M. Michaelis for their work on this demanding project.

7) Quick Updates    
W. Chenoweth would serve as co-chair on Technology Taskforce for one more year.

Present: Bruins, Castillo, Chenoweth, Creamer, Dolen, Elvin, Hawk, Heffner, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Luciw, Metcalf, Michaelis, Mitchell, Mowrey, Oswesni, Pritchard, Sherman,

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