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Meeting Notes - October 3, 2007

Technology Task Force Notes

Wednesday October 3, 2007
ADM 109
Time: 3:00 – 4:30

1) Welcome & Introductions
The team introduced themselves.

Approve Notes from June 20, 2007  
The notes were approved. Item 5 was reviewed and it was suggested that an end user survey on technology purchases be performed to allow users to give feedback on purchases in their areas.

3) Catalyst Update   
Elvin reported that the Catalyst software and hardware had been updated over summer and she gave an overview of the status of the project.  She reported that the Presidium 24/7 help desk pilot project for Catalyst was available to both faculty and students. Her team were surprised that they only had 52 requests in the first 10 days. Previously Metcalf had fielded 100-200 requests. The hope was that this was an easy system to use but there was some concern that there may be other factors influencing the low numbers. Ong, DASB, reported that he had used the system and found it easy. He noted he read the instructions first! Elvin reported that we are sharing the site with San Mateo College and there is still some work to do to resolve some issues.  Heffner reported his retention numbers have improved so far this quarter.

4) OmniUpdate (Web Content Management System) Implementation Plan
Chenoweth loaded the handout from the web page. Kahn reminded the team that over the summer the college selected OmniUpdate as the WCMS for De Anza. It provides a robust content management solution and is compatible with our server and software. As reflected in the handout, a number of sites are part of the pilot project. The pilot would give feedback to Kahn's team on functionality, tools, discussion forum, blogs, training materials, etc. Kahn noted that his team would continue to “mark up” (switch to OmniUpdate) other sites on a voluntary basis. During the discussion he stated that OmniUpdate is far easier to use than Dreamweaver. Hawk confirmed that the ultimate goal was to have all sites use OmniUpdate as it would help address such concerns as security, content, templates, feel and look, professional standards, etc. All faculty would have equal access. OmniUpdate is supported by on-site employees. The next phase of the proposal would be the full integration plan.  It was anticipate that ETS would lead a policy decision on whether to continue to support Manila once OnmiUpdate was fully functional.

5) Measure C Technology Update
Hawk reported that the legal process was slower than anticipated and that the next step of the litigation process would slide into the 2008 calendar year. Therefore, FHDA are still working with bridge money only. The total bridge money is $20 million. The college is still working with ETS to install technology purchases. Hawk thanked ETS for their efforts over the summer to install  8 labs. A priority system was already in place for the replacement of technology across campus. 

6) TTF Co-chair Update & Selection Process
Chenoweth announced he is stepping down as co-chair as his new appointment to President of the Academic Senate will take up more of his time.

Hawk suggested that the other co-chair be a faculty member. The team discussed the various merits of the suggestion and concurred. Heffner nominated Tom Dolen to be the new co-chair. Chenoweth would take the nomination to the Academic Senate for approval.

7) Quick Updates:
Wireless Project: The campus center is now a wireless hot spot. ETS would ask the campus for priorities on further roll-outs.

Sherman reported that the ID focus management project is only just completing phase 1.  He was not sure if this was a company that the district would want to move forward with for phase 2. He was not sure if the district would go out to bid again.  The item would be agendaized for discussion at Technology Taskforce.

Sherman also noted that the free Cupertino wireless (MetroFi) was less than impressive. It was also reported that there were too many adverts and download speeds and connections were poor.

EIS:  Sherman reported that Oracle Peoplesoft had pulled out. Sungard and Datatel  had both submitted proposals. The next stage would be  the week-long demos for each vendor. Both companies demos are scheduled for end October beginning of November in room D260 at Foothill. The demos are open to all. There would be official scorers and casual scorers.

Security: Sherman reported that the district was looking at a comprehensive process. He recommended surveying employees to ascertain where confidential info exists. There was a discussion of how the information would be collected. The purpose of the survey was to gain a better understanding of where information should reside and how long it should be kept. There are State archival requirements but they are spread over many areas. i.e. financial aid, grades, etc.

8) Identify Three Specific Goals for 07-08
Hawk asked each member to bring ideas for the three goals to the next meeting.

Present: C. Castillo, W. Chenoweth. L. Chin, B. Creamer, T. Dolen, L. Elvin, J. Hawk, S. Heffner, M. Kahn, K. Metcalf, J. Mowrey, C. Owiesny, W. Pritchard, F Sherman.

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