Rachel Catuiza



Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

12446KNES 5A1Indoor Cycling
12447KNES 5B1High Intensity Indoor Cycling
12099KNES 11A1Cardio Kick
12448KNES 15C4Total Fitness
12077KNES 16A1Fit Camp
12076KNES 19A1Strength Development
12080KNES 19D1Training for Muscular Endurance
12079KNES 19E2Body Sculpting
12370KNES 19G4Core Conditioning

Spring 2018

45622KNES 1B1Beginning Swimming
45623KNES 1CX1Intermediate Swimming
44971KNES 1D2Advanced Swimming
44972KNES 2A2Aerobic Swimming
45596KNES 5A1Indoor Cycling
45597KNES 5B1High Intensity Indoor Cycling
44679KNES 5BX1High Intensity Indoor Cycling
45095KNES 11AX1Cardio Kick
45251KNES 11AX2Cardio Kick
44677KNES 15AX1Cross Training
45311KNES 15AX4Cross Training
45798KNES 15C8Total Fitness
45096KNES 15CX1Total Fitness
45246KNES 15CX4Total Fitness
45799KNES 15E3Cardiovascular and Strength Training
45248KNES 15EX3Cardiovascular and Strength Training
45781KNES 16A4Fit Camp
45800KNES 16A5Fit Camp
45247KNES 16AX1Fit Camp
45594KNES 19AX6Strength Development
45249KNES 19DX5Training for Muscular Endurance
45254KNES 19EX2Body Sculpting
45310KNES 19EX3Body Sculpting
45801KNES 19G2Core Conditioning
45250KNES 19GX1Core Conditioning
44678KNES 19GX2Core Conditioning
45253KNES 19GX3Core Conditioning
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